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When I am 75

The future is mysterious. It can be as dark or a bright as you wish it to be. This future however, is not as bright as you think. Sixty-three years ago, six decades and three years ago, researchers sounded the alarm. It was time to start turning over a new leaf, to combat the impacts of global warming. Some listened. Others didn’t.
Such a small thing global warming was back then. So far away the causes seemed.
Then, the global temperature went up a degree.
That changed things, now everybody was aware of global warming, and knew that it was taking its toll. Deserts across Texas, floods everywhere and ice caps melting, everyone was clamoring for a solution.
None came.
Now, sixty-three years later, we look back and laugh at ourselves scrambling around for a solution. Sixty-three years later, the overall global temperature has gone up four degrees.
Now, as I am writing this, I think back on how glorious the world seemed sixty-three years ago. Sixty-three years ago, the world seemed like opportunity, the Earth seemed like a wonderful place to live where you could do anything. How na├»ve. Now, the oceans have risen and flooded all the islands. The ice caps have collapsed and the Amazon rain forests, the so called ‘lungs of the Earth’ have dried out. The Earth is dying. One cannot live long without their lungs after all.
And we, humanity, are like cancer to the Earth. We creep up on you slowly, quietly, and in the last few months or years, we expand quickly, growing so fast we start destroying the body we inhabit.
This is the dying stage. I can only hope that the best and kindest of us live to correct our wrongs.

This is what the Earth is like, and I’m seventy-five.

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