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Death comes swiftly in the night. Stars shine and the moon glows in the black canvas of sky. Death searches for those near the End.

In a land of War and Blood, Death finds a hospital tent filled with fitfully sleeping patients that had been injured in the fighting.
A man lies awkwardly on the bed, his left leg and arm had been broken and he had several gunshot wound oozing blood on his right leg and stomach.
The bandages are soaked in blood. They do everything they can to help him, but he will not survive the night. He gasps out his last breath, brown fevered eyes seeing Death as he dies. Death tucks his soul under Death's cloak and leaves.

In a Modern and Busy city, Death arrives at a rather large house. There, he finds stuffed in the cupboard under the stairs a small child. The child has bruises the size of a man's hand on her arms, legs and throat. Marks distinctive of a belt pepper her back and arms. Several large gashes bleed on her forehead as she tries not to cry.
Somehow she feels Death's presence and huddles up against the wall leaning away from Death.
Death feels some measure of pity for the child. Death decides to take her as well as the army man. The light in her blue eyes fades as she slumps against the wall. Death takes her for Death's own.

In a Old and Beautiful country home, Death sees an old woman, wrinkled and gray, ready for her time.
Peacefully, she sleeps on her pristine flowery sheets and white pillows. Her serene crinkled face glows in the moonlight.
Death quietly takes her soul, the woman breathing her last breath. Death keeps her soul safe in Death's cloak.

Death releases their souls into the night sky. What the souls do next is up to them. Death leaves to do Death's job elsewhere. It is what he has done for countless millennia.

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