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Passage of Time

A baby girl is born. Her name is Christina. It's the eleventh of August, two o'clock in the afternoon.

Five years later and she is five. It's her birthday, children from her class laugh and play in the sun. Christina blows out the candles on her cake, she wishes for a new toy.

Ten years later and Christina is fifteen. It's her birthday again and she is at a club. It's dark and people are laughing, dancing. Christina smiles and joins in. She is happy.

Fifteen years later and she is thirty. It's her wedding day, she walks down the aisle with her elbow hooked around her father's arm. She looks at her husband to be with a loving smile and says "I do." Everyone cheers and they kiss.

Twenty years later and she is fifty. She smiles at her son as he walks up the steps to get his diploma. Afterwards she says to her son, "I'm proud of you."

Twenty five years later and Christina is seventy five, she carries her grand-daughter onto her lap and starts a story, "Once upon a time, there was..." Her grand-daughter claps and smiles in all the right places. This is happiness.

Thirty years later and Christina is a hundred and five. She rests on her bed in a country house and sleeps on her white pillows. She is alone. Death comes and takes her soul, keeping her soul safe in Death's cloak. Later Death releases her soul into the moonlight, and as the moonlight fades, a new life begins.