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You toss and turn in your sleep. The sheets wrinkle as you mess the neat lines of your bed. You are dreaming. Dreaming evil dreams.

The voices whisper. Whisper of how you could have your revenge, they call it vengeance, but you are wary of them and ignore them.

But you cannot ignore them in your sleep. They show you the future if you listen, of you finally giving Them their dues. You are seemingly happy and you agree.

They tell you of things you don't want to remember, plans of things that will put into action if you just listen.

And giving up, just to make them stop, you agree. You carry out every step, every item and you put their plans into action.

In the morning, you hear of how They died in the night. The voices are happy with you and will gladly go away if you just do this one little thing.

You have already done much worse, you are a murderer, they can't make you do worse.

You agree.

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