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It was your job. The red dress, black shoes and the beautiful make-up. The silken scarf and the fine perfume.
The mirror showed a great beauty, you however, know better.
It is the same as usual.
The party is full of drunken guests and expensive food, you weave through the crowd making small talk and fake smiles. Silently you slip through an open door.
A darkened corridor greets you, you know where to go and sneak through into the third office on the right.
Inside there is a desk, it has a drawer with a false bottom. You remove it, inside are files with the key to the identity of the man's killer.
You take the files and leave nothing behind.
While leaving through the corridor, a guard spots you. You sigh and think that you had hoped to leave without murdering anybody. You turn with a silver knife and quickly slit the man's throat.
Later you wash the blood off the knife, it is clean but you cannot stop seeing the blood on the knife.
The mirror shows a beautiful young woman with a spotless silver knife.
You however know better.